Helpful Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

Helpful Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

Helpful Tips for Getting Better Gas MileageGas prices are still soaring, so you'll want to make sure your car isn't wasting fuel. At Willie Automotive & Towing Service, our local mechanics are experts at conducting auto maintenance tasks that can boost gas mileage. There are also some simple measures you can take during your daily commute to help optimize fuel-efficiency.

Simple Ways to Prevent Fuel Waste

Driving with properly inflated tires is one easy way to prevent fuel from going to waste. If your tires are under-inflated, you could potentially boost MPGs by 3% when you properly inflate them. The Department of Transportation reports that under-inflated tires cause around 5 million gallons of gas to go to waste each day. You can also prevent fuel waste by shutting off your engine if you're going to be idling for more than ten seconds. For every hour of idling, about a gallon of gas is burned. Turning off your engine while idling also helps to be a little kinder to the environment. Another important measure is to make sure your vehicle isn't carrying unnecessary weight. This is because fuel-efficiency can worsen by 1% for every extra 100 pounds in your vehicle. Also, after each time you get gas, you'll want to make sure your gas cap is tightly screwed back on. A loose or missing gas cap can result in fuel evaporating before your engine gets the chance to run on it.

When you bring your vehicle to our Lakeland auto shop, our ASE-certified mechanics can complete basic maintenance tasks that will help your car attain optimal gas mileage. Among these tasks are oil changes, spark plug replacement, and filter replacements.

Auto Maintenance in Lakeland, FL

When you need auto maintenance in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding area, contact Willie Automotive & Towing Service at (863) 777-5591. At our local auto shop, our experienced mechanics can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: April 2022

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