Is it Time for Cooling System or Radiator Repair?

Is it Time for Cooling System or Radiator Repair?

Is it Time for Cooling System or Radiator Repair?Your vehicle's engine needs to operate within a very specific temperature range to prevent damage to internal parts and to perform at maximum efficiency. Keeping the engine within that range falls primarily on the cooling system, which includes the radiator, thermostat, water pump, belt and hoses. If you experience any of these signs of cooling system or radiator trouble, be sure to visit your local auto shop before bigger trouble occurs under the hood.

Cooling System Warning Light

One of the first things that you're likely to encounter if your vehicle's cooling system is not operating properly is the illumination of the cooling system warning light on your dashboard. This light looks like a thermometer with a few wavy lines next to it and will come on if sensors detect low coolant levels or engine operation outside its normal temperature range.

Abnormal Temperature Gauge Reading

Aside from the light, many vehicle dashboards have a second way of monitoring cooling system health, which is the engine temperature gauge. If this gauge reads outside of the normal range, either high or low, head to the shop immediately. This is a clear indication of cooling system trouble that will require diagnosis by a professional technician.

Sweet Smell

Coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is a very sweet smelling substance. Many people describe its odor as that similar to maple syrup. If you begin to smell something of this nature while driving, you're going to want to pull over. There is a good chance that your vehicle has started leaking coolant.

White Steam From Under Hood

A very obvious sign of cooling system trouble is if white steam begins to pour out from under the hood. This is an indication that your car is currently overheating. Pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so and contact your preferred auto repair shop for additional direction depending on your exact circumstances.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant is generally bright green in color, but may also be pink or yellow. If you spot a liquid that fits this description and has that sweet smell discussed earlier, it is probable that your vehicle is leaking coolant. Driving while low on coolant can result in overheating, which will in turn lead to major engine trouble.

If you suspect cooling system issues, be sure to visit your local auto shop immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the trouble will get. For professional cooling system and radiator repair in Lakeland, FL, or the surrounding areas, head to Willie Automotive & Towing Service. Our team of ASE certified technicians will be happy to provide you with superior care of your vehicle to ensure it is safe and reliable. At the first sign of car trouble, call (863) 777-5591 to schedule professional auto repair in Lakeland, Florida!

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